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Our assortments of stones are of impeccable finishing and are widely used in jewellery making and astrological purposes. Apart from these, we also provide computerized horoscope services to our clients on demand. Under the constant supervision of our mentor Mr. Tejas Mehta , we have been able to achieve such a distinct position in this domain.

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Gemstones according to Vedic Astrology - Rashi Ratna

View Complete Details. Contact Seller Ask for best deal. Get Latest Price Request a quote. Share via. Since time immemorial they have been mythically revered as encapsulates of mystical properties. There are scientific claims as well to back up the correlation between birthstones and far reaching influence wielded by them in respect of human life.

Gemstone Suggestion

Know your birthstone based on your birthday Enter your birth date and time of birth to find the right birth stone for you. To do so is believed to go against the flow of nature.

Because the Sun is the center of the solar system, its gem is positioned in the heart of a Navaratna Talisman. According to Asian belief systems, only clean, top-quality gems are considered to be auspicious. In further support of this mostly overlooked dictate, in the Hindu " Garuda Puranam ," chapter 68, verse 17, it is stated by narrator Sri Suta Goswami :.

And from the ancient " Agni Purana ," chapter , slokas 7 and Ages ago our yogis discovered that pure metals emit an astral light which is powerfully counteractive to negative pulls of the planets.

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  8. Subtle electrical and magnetic radiations are constantly circulating in the universe [ The preventive uses of astrology have seldom been seriously studied outside of India. One little-known fact is that the proper jewels, metals, or plant preparations are valueless unless the required weight is secured, and unless these remedial agents are worn next to the skin.

    According to Hindu astrology , life on earth is influenced by the navagrahas , or nine influencers. The placement of the navagrahas in one's horoscope supposedly have an influence throughout an individual's life.

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    Wearing the nine gems is said to provide an astrological balance and benefit to the wearer. Hindu astrology also says that these gems potentially may have both positive or negative influences on human life, and that astrological gems should be worn only after consulting a Vedic astrologer, who is also conversant with gems. Based on an individual's sidereal horoscope , either a single gem or a combination of compatible gems is advised to be worn to harness beneficial planets or counteract harmful planets.

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